“Building Bridges to Better Health”

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Every year, the American Public Health Association (APHA) develops a campaign to bring together our nation in observance of National Public Health Week (NPHW). It is a full week aimed at recognizing and highlighting issues that are important to improving our nation’s health. Its primary goal is to dedicate this time to educate the public, policymakers, and practitioners in alignment to each year’s theme.

Building Bridges to Better Health

This year’s theme is “Building Bridges to Better Health.” As a community it is our duty to come together and advocate for those who truly are in need of a voice. We must easily facilitate resources and services to those who require it the most, as well as bring awareness to the many underlying causes of poor healthcare and disease risk.

How Senior Dental Center is “Building Bridges”

This past year has been one of tremendous challenges in our community. As active promoters of public health, it has become our mission to create bridges so that our patients can have access to all of the resources they need to maintain their oral and overall health. Below are some of the many steps we have taken to help serve our community.



Providing Tele-Dentistry – Providing care to hard-to-reach seniors became even more important when the pandemic first hit. Our team moved quickly to implement new tele-dentistry services for San Diegan seniors.






Safety & Precautions – Seniors are at even greater risk for COVID-19 complications and we ensure that our patients are safe when receiving care. We have implemented heightened safety protocols that include state-of-the-art PPE for all staff and reduced scheduling for increased cleaning and social distancing between patients.








Covid-19 Vaccinations – Our staff has actively been volunteering in our community assisting in the administration of vaccines throughout the county and on-site.






It is crucial that we all do our part! Raise awareness and take a
stand for the health of our community!