CA-OPEN Defense of Adult Dental Benefits

Older adults in California need our help. California has recently proposed to reduce adult dental benefits down to 2014 levels. If the reductions in adult benefits are approved society will undergo long term consequences on their overall health along with limiting their access to services!

The Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center has signed on to advocate against this change. We encourage others to sign-on to the letter by today May 21, 2020, by 5:00 p.m. If you are interested in signing on please click here.

Background Information:

California has changed the scope of Medicaid adult dental benefits three times in the past decade. In 2014, the California Legislature partially restored adult dental benefits, which had been mostly eliminated in the state since 2009. In 2017, California went further and finally restored the remaining adult dental benefits not restored in 2014. These procedures – gum treatments, rear root canals and partial dentures- have allowed many Medi-Cal consumers to treat periodontis, a serious gum infection that leads to tooth loss and raise the risk factor for heart and lung disease, and to no longer need unnecessary teeth removal for full dentures, a previously common procedure. A partial disruption in Medi-Cal dental benefits would undo two years of progress.

The California Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (CA-OPEN) is committed to defending critical dental benefits, even as legislators race toward a June 15 deadline to enact a budget, putting together a network wide letter in opposition to the cuts.

The California Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (CA-OPEN) is building collective power to ensure that good oral health is a fundamental right for all Californians. We bring people together – including providers, advocates, and policymakers – to exchange ideas, share resources and collaborate for oral health equity. Please contact Mihae Jung to get involved with the network.

Thank you,

The Senior Dental Center Team