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Times of San Diego: Opinion: Oral Cancer in Seniors is More Common than You Might Think

By Karen Becerra, DDS, MPH While people might prioritize physical and mental well-being, many may not put the words “dental” and “health” next to each other in their minds. “Dental work is cosmetic,” they might say, as they put off seeing the dentist for another year. “Everyone has problems with their teeth. Besides, my insurance…

Say Ahhh – Senior Dental Center celebrates World Oral Health Day

The Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center celebrated World Oral Health Day on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 by sending a few tips to help adults take better care of their oral health. To learn more and see what the Senior Dental Center is up to, click here. What is World Oral Health Day? World…

KSON Radio: Gary & Mary West Senior Dental Center, Dr. Karen Becerra and Annie J

        Dr. Karen Becerra and patient, Annie J. discuss how the Gary & Mary West Senior Dental Center strives to enable seniors to properly care for and maintain their oral health through education and dental services before it becomes more painful, complicated and costly.     Visit the KSON Radio for more…

La Prensa San Diego: Karen Becerra: Bringing Smiles to Seniors

                    By Mario A. Cortez   At a dental clinic located inside Fourth Avenue’s Serving Seniors center in downtown San Diego, Karen Becerra is fighting back against a silent epidemic affecting some of our most vulnerable neighbors. “Many seniors are living with limited incomes and they…

Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center to Host Free ‘Tooth Wisdom’ Workshop on June 19 Teaching Dental Health to Low-Income Seniors

The Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center, will host “Tooth Wisdom: Get Smart About Your Mouth,” a free dental health workshop for low-income seniors developed by Oral Health America on June 19th.

Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center Receives Health Care Product Donations from Henry Schein Cares Global Product Donation Program

Donated Health Care Products Will Help Expand Access to Care for Underserved Seniors in San Diego San Diego, CA – March 6, 2018 – The nonprofit Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center announced today that it has received a donation of health care products under a grant from the Henry Schein Cares Global Product…