Featured Article: Geriatric Dentistry Insights

Shedding light on the oral health concerns of older adults is now more essential than ever.  In the United States, someone turns 65 every 10 seconds.  By 2030, it is expected that 20% of the U.S. population will be older adults.  Addressing the nuances of geriatric dental health will help dentists be prepared to provide the care aging patients deserve.

By sharing knowledge and experiences, we are able to join forces with other professionals whose mission is also to provide quality dental healthcare to older adults in our community.  Based on our experience in the field and as proud members of the San Diego County Dental Society, we were able to provide an overview of geriatric care, which was published in the San Diego County Dental Society’s Facets magazine.  Seniors deserve to get the specialized care they need, by professionals who are knowledgeable, kind, and who understand the health, emotional and physical challenges that patients may be experiencing.  Click below to read the full article.

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Facets Cover - Senior Dental Center Team
Staff and 88-year-old patient enjoying a celebratory time for treatment completion. After many health challenges, this patient regained his ability to eat, speak and smile!


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Geriatric Dentistry Insights - Senior Dental Center
Seniors often require additional reassurance and communication around their present issues, therefore having empathetic team members is beneficial to make this process as efficient as possible. Establishing trust reduces anxiety and improves final treatment outcomes.