Senior Dental Center Awarded Grant from The San Diego Foundation

“I honestly didn’t have the money…They took care of me.  They made sure I was safe,” were the words patient Anthony Arriaga used to describe his experience after receiving treatment at the Senior Dental Center.  His care, and that of hundreds of more seniors has been possible thanks to a grant of $46,000 from The San Diego Foundation administered San Diego COVID-19 Community Response Fund.

We were fortunate to have been featured on The San Diego Foundation’s website, where we were able to discuss our challenges as an organization and why this grant became one of our life boats.

After having to shut down our services in mid-March of 2020, we were limited to providing care through Zoom and FaceTime.  Thankfully, The San Diego Foundation and community stepped in and through their funding, we were able to purchase proper teledentristy software and additional computers, ensuring that our seniors’ needs were being addressed despite these challenging times.

Additionally, funds provided access to heightened personal protective equipment, keeping our patients and staff safe during this ongoing pandemic.

To learn more about this grant and how it aided us in our efforts to serve low-income seniors in San Diego, please visit The San Diego Foundation website.