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Today is National Fresh Breath Day!

What a wonderful feeling it is when your teeth are recently brushed and you feel that cool, minty freshness expelling as you speak! We would hate to reveal that our earlier meal was heavy on garlic or onions! But having not-so fresh breath could be an indicator of much more than just what you had…

Gary & Mary West Senior Dental Center Named 2019 Live Well San Diego Oral Health Champion, Launches GIVE65 Fundraising Campaign in July

San Diego, Calif. – June 26, 2019 – The Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center in Downtown San Diego was recognized for their innovative dental care for seniors receiving the 2019 Live Well San Diego Oral Health Champion Award. The award honors the exceptional achievements, outstanding community efforts, and contributions that have advanced oral…

Times of San Diego: Opinion: Oral Cancer in Seniors is More Common than You Might Think

By Karen Becerra, DDS, MPH While people might prioritize physical and mental well-being, many may not put the words “dental” and “health” next to each other in their minds. “Dental work is cosmetic,” they might say, as they put off seeing the dentist for another year. “Everyone has problems with their teeth. Besides, my insurance…