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Having a sweet tooth makes your teeth sweet!

According to the International Diabetes Federation, 1 in 10 adults are now living with diabetes, estimating an astonishing 537 million adults around the world!  As many of us know, high levels of sugar in our blood harms our kidneys, heart, nerves, eyes and other organs.  But did you know that it also makes your teeth…

Senior Dental Center Awarded Grant from The San Diego Foundation

“I honestly didn’t have the money…They took care of me.  They made sure I was safe,” were the words patient Anthony Arriaga used to describe his experience after receiving treatment at the Senior Dental Center.  His care, and that of hundreds of more seniors has been possible thanks to a grant of $46,000 from The…

Times of San Diego: Opinion: Oral Cancer in Seniors is More Common than You Might Think

By Karen Becerra, DDS, MPH While people might prioritize physical and mental well-being, many may not put the words “dental” and “health” next to each other in their minds. “Dental work is cosmetic,” they might say, as they put off seeing the dentist for another year. “Everyone has problems with their teeth. Besides, my insurance…